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Cameleon® - Multifunctional vehicle with dual traction modes

Cameleon sidewalk tractor

The Cameleon® is a multifunctional vehicle designed and manufactured by R.P.M. Tech. This revolutionary and unique vehicle can transform from a track vehicle to an articulated four wheel drive vehicle as needed. Equipped with a Perkins engine of 97 kW (130 hp), the Cameleon supplies more hydraulic power and is the most powerful compact vehicle on the market. Its certified ROPS and FOPS aluminum cabin, mounted on air ride suspension and shock absorbers, is safe and comfortable.


Tracks to Wheels in less than 4 hours!   Cameleon sidewalk tractor
Cameleon sidewalk tractor Quick hitch system with two hydraulic cylinders and ten hydraulic couplers with a water line
Lawn Mower for sidewalk tractor
Lawn Mower
Snow plow and spreader
Snow plow and spreader

Snow blower for sidewalk tractor
Snow blower

sweeper and water tank for sidwalk tractor

Sweeper and water tank

Front loader
Front loader

Boom flail mower
Boom flail mower

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is simply unique!

While keeping the same compact dimensions as other vehicles on the market, the Cameleon® offers:

  • - Lower center of gravity
    - More load capacity while being lighter
    - Higher ground clearance
    - More engine and hydraulic power

The only aluminum cabin on the market

Mounted on pneumatic suspension, mobile, light, anti-corrosive, designed to offer increased visibility in the front and rear decreasing blind spots. Certified ROPS and FOPS. Includes joystick, dashboard indicators, tilt and telescopic steering wheel, CD player and AM/FM radio.

Power take off up to 68 kW
(90 hp)

The Cameleon® offers 20% more hydraulic power than its closest competitor.

Engine of 97 kW (130 hp)

With its Perkins engine, the Cameleon® can travel from 24 km/h in work mode and up to 40 km/h in travel mode. The Cameleon offers unrivaled power.

Super rugged chassis with a multidirectional joint

The Cameleon® chassis is articulated by a roller bearing system allowing easy adjustment and minimal maintenance.

From tracks to wheels, or vice versa, in less than 4 hours

Our engineering has developed a unique chassis enabling rapid switching of the vehicle traction mode. The Camelon® converts from a track vehicle to an articulated four wheel drive vehicle in less than four hours.